Server rules

Přepnout na češtinu
  1. Players must obey server admins' direct orders. The administrators are:
    • Ashus
    • oko*
    • {CZECH}^Hajdula
    • ]{.(-*-).Sukoi
    • Amater
    • Jahodnicek
    • Myke'''
  2. Languages allowed for in-game chat: Czech, Slovak and English.
  3. Before connecting to the server, players must change their nickname (to other than Unknown Soldier) and stick to it. Everyone has his own account in statistics.
  4. Players with large latency time or lags will choose another server. Players with ping over 250 ms are not welcome at all.
  5. Players won't nag others by spamming the game chat.
  6. Players who are not playing won't take up a slot and leave.
  7. It is forbidden to stay in windows or other narrow places and block others.
  8. Personal insults and insulting VIP/admins are forbidden.
  9. Cheating of any kind including non-standard jumping, scripting and misusing game bugs intentionally is not acceptable. Cheaters will be banned without warning.
  10. Not knowing these rules is not an excuse! Disobeying any of there rules will lead to kick/ban.